Lily Navab Hometown: Burlingame

Lily is a self-motivated upcoming college freshman at the University of California-Berkeley, striving to major in public health and minor in public policy. Her dedication and perseverance are evident through her dancing career at Westlake School for the Performing Arts. Since age three, Lily’s passion for dance has grown, teaching her about persistence and creativity. Dance is an art that requires discipline and she works hard to perfect each move that teachers correct her on. Teachers recognized her leadership skills, offering her a position to teach ballet and tap for ages four through seven; this allowed her to share her love for dance and to inspire kids to take initiative in their futures. Her work in child development extends in her job as an assistant teacher for Peninsula Family Services, serving individuals who need help overcoming the barriers standing between themselves and a life of opportunity. Lily is a very active person; this is apparent in all aspects of her life, both in her dancing and community. She has leadership experience, being the Burlingame High School Student Body President, Buddies Program leader, holding National Charity League chair positions, class cabinet positions, and more. She also plans to continue her involvement in Burlingame High School’s leadership class, who aim to spread positivity and unity to all students. Her other interests include Mock Trial, Model UN, Students in Action Club, Youth in Democracy, etc. Speaking three languages, Farsi, Spanish, and English, Lily has developed strong communication skills with people of all ages and ethnicities, therefore helping her in the work field and gaining cultural sensitivity. She hopes that, as a positive influence in her community, she will be able to make a change in other people’s lives and push them to help others as well. As she continues her education in college next year, she will pursuing a career in non-profit management in the pubic health sector, majoring in public policy and public health.