Marjan Peyrovan Hometown: Anaheim Hills, CA

Born in Tehran, Iran, Marjan has been surrounded with culture, poetry and appreciation of the arts. Growing up in a multifaceted environment has taught her to appreciate and respect every culture. Traveling has also been a large factor in her life which led to her start-up of her own traveling business. Known for her strategic planning, Mrs. Peyrovan works with clients in and outside the states and has created a large cliental with her honesty and hard work. Marjan Peyrovan is president and owner of Passport 2 Travel, with over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality and travel industry. Mrs. Peyrovan has established a successful business in Irvine that serves international and domestic services. She is a consolidator in flights to Iran, Middle East, Europe, and many more. Mrs. Peyrovan specializes in cruises, tours, hotel packages, honeymoons, and travel insurance.