rita raissi Hometown: Danville, CA

Ba salaam and greetings. As the very first Women Computer Scientist- San Jose State University to be followed by Simon Fraser University (Class of 1987) in Canada- of my generation, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to be selling H2O technology today rather than IBM's. As a proud single mom of two loving and DETERMINED children, ages 20 and 15 with compassionate and smart Azari, Baku, Rashti DNA, I am honored to have made sure to have taken them back to IRI and Canada for visits. They have come, as such, to better understand why mom and dad live across this amazingly blissful nations of ours-while going to church and voting Democrats. And as such are determined to continue to be professionally very successful and world travelers.Ba sapas Gabli-Cheers. Please see my ex husband and my website at: www.brainPharm.com www.CaspianCLLC.com Published Book in 2014: www.MyNameIsNily.com