yasamin bahadorzadeh Hometown: New York City

Yasamin moved to the US from Iran at the age of 21 to continue her education in design. With a B.S in Economics already under her belt, she furthered her education in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and a completed a master's degree in Landscape Architecture & Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania. Her drive and passion led her to co-founding Kiyasa Group with her sister, where she brings her knowledge in design and economics. Based in the NY Showroom, Yasamin leads and manages the US operations. Kiyasa Group is a boutique, design, distribution and sourcing company specialized in the most exclusive and luxurious lines of tableware and home décor from around the world. At Kiyasa Group, we proudly reach beyond the boundaries to find unique collections that signify outstanding quality and innovation. We are very careful with new introductions to our portfolio and we travel the globe to seek works by designers who have unique vision combined with talent and dare to imagine the unimaginable. We take pride in working with brands that own their manufacturing facilities, have full control over the production process, and do not compromise on quality. We are passionate about each brand that we carry, as in an age of mass production, it is rare to find products designed and made with so much passion and care.