About Us

About Us

The mission of the Iranian American Women Foundation is to provide a platform for empowerment and networking among Iranian American Women and to provide mentorship to younger generations of Iranians locally and globally.

Since its inception in Orange County, CA in 2012 the organization has empowered, inspired and connected thousands of women nationwide and globally. It has served as a home away from home; a community that celebrates creative, innovative, tenacious, and competitive women who are problem solvers and a force for the greater good.

The organization has hosted sold-out conferences in Orange County, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., San Diego, Toronto, and London over the past seven years. A platform for open dialogue, the foundation creates lasting connections, inspires young women to follow their dreams, continually empowers Iranian women to achieve their highest potential, and contribute to the very heart of the American dream.

With more than 4,000 members nationwide, the organization showcases the diversity of America, celebrates the confluence of American fabric and Iranian heritage, and propels women forward into new, dynamic professional leadership arenas.


Our vision is a world where every woman realizes her full potential and joins forces to positively impact our global community.

About Us

Mission & Vision
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The Founder

Since 2012, the Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF) has set the stage to empower and inspire Iranian American women.
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The Trustee Circle members are responsible for the strategy and long-term planning of the Iranian-American Women Foundation.
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Advisory Boards

The Advisory Board consists of Media Advisors, Community Advisors, Finance & Business Advisors, Art & Culture Advisors, and Marketing & Publicity Advisors.
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Circle of 1000s

The Circle of 1000s members are the backbone for the IAWF.
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Bringing stimulating new programs, initiatives and conversations to our highly energized IAWF community of women.
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Circle of Men

We invite men to join us in making a difference in the lives of their sisters, mothers, daughters and significant others.
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Meet the staff responsible for keeping IAWF going day-to-day.
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