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Welcome to the Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF) Southern California Chapters   The IAWF Orange County and Los Angeles chapters represent a confluence of dynamic Iranian American women from across all professions and communities. Committed to the ideals and aspirations of IAWF, both chapters seek to deepen the work of inspiring, empowering, and connecting women through a specific focus on the organization's pillar of "Mentorship", fostering mentor and mentee relationships to catalyze the professional exchange of wisdom from one generation to the next. Through IAWF's leadership conferences and special events, our community is growing stronger than ever. A perfect opportunity to make new friends, network, learn and collaborate with women of all ages. As we grow, your help and expertise is always appreciated in promoting IAWF's mission and vision. Join today!
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IAW Foundation members gain access to exclusive content, watch leadership conference sessions they may have missed, join discussion forums about favorite topics, network with other members in the community, participate in our celebrated Mentorship Program, and much more.

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