Katy Saei

Katy Saei earned her bachelor’s degree from Marshall Business School of University of Southern California with a minor in accounting. Before her first daughter was warn, Ms. Saei had worked at GW Savings and Loans as a senior accountant. Ms. Saei launched R.J. Equity Partners on 2003 with her husband, and later founded First Financial Capital in 2005. Both companies are family- owned and operated as finance and real estate holding companies. Katy is a managing member of a multi-million dollar family office and is a member and founder of the student housing real estate investments. Ms. Saei has been a managing partner of the firm since its inception. During her sabbatical from the workforce, she spent most of her time with her two daughters while volunteering at schools and after-school programs for children. It was during this period that she found her passion for philanthropy and her interest in social responsibility. Katy believes in creating opportunities for undeserved communities. She is aware that providing resources for those in need would not only significantly improve human welfare, but also it will make a difference at a larger scale. She is an active member of Farhang Foundation; co-chair of the Foundation’s Gala Committee, and a member of its Arts Council. Katy is also a major contributor to the LA Philharmonic and serves on the board of Overseers of the organization. She is also on the Board of Trustees of the IAW Foundation.