Ziba Shirazi Hometown: Los Angeles

Ziba Shirazi is an Iranian-American poet, singer, songwriter and storyteller. As a poet and music artist, she is best known for her poignant songs and storytelling through poetry. Ziba's compositions blend together flavors of Persian melodies with world music and jazz. In 1985, Ziba left Iran for the United States, where despite all difficulties she single-handedly produced and promoted seven albums. Referred to as the "Voice of Women" in the Iranian community, Ziba's lyrics are colored by passionate feminist tones, love, compassion and universal human stories. In 2009, Ziba created Story & Song, a lyrical storytelling performance, set to live music with video projections featuring stories of Iranian immigrants and their struggles since the Islamic Revolution. Another one of Ziba's lifetime dreams was achieved in spring of 2014, when she staged her first musical production, Spring Love, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. Through her Story & Song featuring stories of Iranian immigrants, and Spring Love, a musical love story, Ziba continues to touch audience's heart, crossing cultural gaps with her unique art of storytelling.