Fariba Ameri

Fariba Ameri is a visual artist and philanthropist, and sits on the Board Member of Trustees at the Iranian American Women Foundation. She has been a patron and contributing member of the Farhang Foundation Art Council and the Middle East Art Council at LACMA. Ameri's worldview is shaped by the dichotomies between Eastern and Western cultures. Her artistic style is impacted by Middle Eastern history and mythological themes. Ameri moved to the United States in 1977, and received her Bachelor's degree in economics from USC before proceeding to become a CPA. Ameri works from her studio in Los Angeles. Her artwork is known for its personal thematic content involving women's emotional complexity. She draws on both her childhood memories and inspiring stories about women. By collaging found objects onto her canvas to symbolize the feminine psyche, and her painful relationship to beauty. Her pieces are displayed in private collections and galleries throughout the United States. www.faribaameriart.com