Linda Bernardi

Linda Bernardi is a mindful and bold technology disruptor and serial entrepreneur. In all her endeavors she seeks to help companies disrupt mindfully in order to innovate meaningfully. Her passion is ‘data’. Currently, Linda is the Global Head of Strategy at ConsenSys, a 1200-person US and Switzerland based company, focused on enabling comprehensive blockchain deployment. ConsenSys is a constellation of over 50 startups around its core, building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. In 2017 Linda published her 2nd book, The Inversion Factor (MIT Press) focusing on IoT, AI, Blockchain and discusses the necessity of inversion from a Product-Mindset to a Needs/Experience-Mindset, leveraging deep understanding of data. The Inversion Factor received the Axiom Bronze award in Business Theory in 2018. Previously, she served as IBM’s Chief Innovation Officer for IoT, Cloud and Cognitive, working to help disrupt and innovate IBM’s Fortune 100 customers. Linda is a founding member of the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology and the Grace Hopper Celebration. The annual 2017 meeting in Houston had an attendance of over 32,000 from over 100 countries- today the largest women in tech organization.