Mehrzad Khajenoori

Merzhad Kajenoori is a finance and human resources professional and has also studied psychology, programming and data base management. She has worked in the auto industry, technology, investment firms. Ms. Khajenoori has been working in the field of child advocacy at Youth Law Center in San Francisco in the last thirteen years. At the 40th anniversary celebration of organization, Ms. Khajenouri was awarded with Unsung Hero, highest honor of the organization, She has also been invited to join the Board of Directors of the Youth Law Center. For the last 12 years, she has also been a SFCASA (San Francisco Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer, advocating for children in foster care and the Juvenile Justice System. As a new venture, Ms. Khajenouri has founded "Such is Life", an arts firm that is a new venture and seems to be a departure from all her previous professional enterprises, but is central to who she is and where her passion lies. The mission of the firm is to work with and/or create new heirloom pieces that become visual arts manifestations of a client's vision, actualized in thread and textile.