Monir Jalili

Monir Jalili, President of InstantFigure, Inc. Certified women’s Business Enterprise , is one of the most successful Iranian American Women entrepreneur and savvy businesswomen. She has been a well-known figure in the fashion industry since 1985 and has founded many young, new companies and built them into multi-million-dollar businesses. She has always demonstrated a passion in everything she does, which has manifested in her success. She has launched, designed, manufactured and operated many women-based businesses, from young contemporary to conservative missy fashion collections of swimwear, sportswear and eveningwear, from casual, formal, to bridal. She is a dynamic and driven team builder. She is a very passionate communicator in business as well as in her personal life. As a business owner, she has hired a diverse group of women employees from all type of ethnicity, religion, age group, educational, and back ground. With this experience she has come to understand what women really want and need. Monir Jalili has been and still is very active in American and Iranian communities. As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother and sister, her goal has been to help motivate and build leadership with compassion. By reaching out, and touching the lives of others, she is proud to be considered a role model by her peers. And she continues to be a motivational speaker and consultant to many businesses, that with her advice and expertise have shown successful growth. She has been a part of many great causes in empowering women one such as being a speaker at the American Women's Empowerment and was nominated for the Annual Women in Business Award, and a member of The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She always says, "Act as if what you do makes a difference, it begins with a decision and a defined purpose. Being a woman who makes a difference is a matter of choice. Monir Jalili has volunteered in all types of organizations from social to political such as NIAC, IAC, Mehregan, ISCC International Society for Children with Cancer, Girls Inc., Merage JCC, IAC Group Iranian American Community Group and participated in many local and national elections, Civic activities, fundraising and Much More. Monir Jalili has initiated creative ideas, advised, coached, consulted, and set up many entrepreneur women owned businesses and organizations, that were successfully launched and still operating to date. Monir Jalili is very proud to be a part of the Iranian American Women Foundation and to be able to empower Iranian American Women that impact our communities and across our nations.