Shahrzad Ardalan

Shahrzad Ardalan was the producer and host of a popular radio show called, "Life is Beautiful" on 670AM-KIRN Radio Iran. In her show, Shahrzad dealt with a variety of Iranian-American issues, with a positive approach, covering a variety of topics, such as family matters, parenthood, health, and other day-to-day aspects of life. She is now the host of a weekly radio show called, "peyk e hafteh." Shahrzad is an active member of the community and has considerable experience working with social and charitable organizations. Her previous involvements include her role as president of Rancho Park Rotary club, president of Coalition of Iranian Entrepreneurs, board member of PAAIA, and a position on the advisory board of ISCC and Pars Equality Center. Shahrzad is also a real estate agent and manages the Westwood branch of HBC Realty. Additionally, for the past 11 years she has been conducting wedding ceremonies.