#NoBanNoWallSF Mass Protest organized by Camilia & Kayla Razavi

Iranian American Women Foundation is proud of Camilia Razavi, our speaker at San Francisco 2017 Conference, and her sister, Kayla Razavi, for their successful #NoBanNoWallSF mass protest! Camilia and Kayla Razavi were honored with an Immigrant Leadership Award as Youth Leaders at the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission 20th Anniversary Celebration on Monday, June 12th!

 Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs Camilia Razavi and Kayla Razavi co-organized a peaceful #NoBanNoWallSF protest in response to the Muslim Ban and Mexican border wall. Thousands of people joined the protest to support the immigrant communities. The Razavi sisters are developing an organization with the mission of fighting for social justice.

Roya Soleimani, a Corporate Communications Manager at Google and IAWF's active member, also joined the #NoBanNoWallSF.

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