The Freedom Sculpture: Freedom a Shared Dream.

 Farhang Foundation's Freedom Sculpture Project comes to life on Tuesday, July 4th 2017!


IAWF is proud and honored to support Farhang Foundation's The Freedom Sculpture: Freedom a Shared Dream. This sculpture is a monument honoring core American values of freedom, cultural diversity and unity. Farhang Foundation has raised more than $2.2 million, nearing the minimum goal of $2.5 million needed to complete the project. With over a million supporters from more than 50 countries following its progress on social media, the Freedom Sculpture has also become the most crowd-supported public monument gifted in U.S. history. Read More

For info about the LA Freedom Festival visit:

Click here to donate and be a part of The Freedom Sculpture Project

Volunteer Opportunity
Email to help with the event on 4th of July!

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